I run courses in Parent Effectiveness Training. The course is 24 hours of training and can be divided up to suit your life. It could be 4 days of 6 hours (with breaks this will be an 8 hour day). It could be 8 mornings of 3 hours. Or we can divide it up into shorter bites with more time for reflection and working on individual examples. I can take a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 15. The course can take place at a venue of your making or local to myself in West Didsbury, Manchester. I am happy to travel outside of Manchester if you can arrange a venue.

In these Covid times I have worked successfully for 3 months with a group of 5/6 parents with weekly support. We have looked at specific recurrent challenges with our children and looked to resolve these with curiosity, empathy and no blame. It has been a wonderful journey with lots learned on all sides. If you have a group of parents who already know each other then I can highly recommend jumping in together.

If you are a childcare setting and wish to train all your team in other ways of solving the conflicts that arise between children. Maybe you yearn for a different way to communicate with the children that cultivates compassion, creates intrinsic motivation and maintain relationships when things go wrong.